Arrival of Tour de France 2013 at Champs-Elysées

The Castex Hotel recommand you to see the last race of tour de France with arrival at Champs-Elysée on 21/07/2013
Each year, the Champs-Elysees became the scene of the last act of the Tour de France. But to end on a high note this 100th edition, this is the final event that takes place in the magnificent Great Loop while for the first time, runners will complete around the Arc de Triomphe illuminated. This moment of celebration that will bring together many Parisians and tourists from around the world is also an opportunity to celebrate the bicycle, which, since 2001, Paris has given its place. Today, with the rise of Velib, the bicycle rental system launched six years ago and now available in thirty municipalities in the suburbs, the development of bike paths, the multiplication of double meaning open to cyclists and Meanwhile, in the near future, the arrival of electric bicycles self-service, the city offers residents and visitors the opportunity to pedal out to discover its many faces. New banks of the Seine in the redevelopment of the Place de la République, the revival of Paris establishes the advent of movement for all, in a spirit of sharing and freedom.