Mondial de l’Automobile 2012 Paris

The Castex Hotel inform you :
That from 29/09/2012 to 14/10/2012 in Paris Porte de Versailles you will have the Mondial de l’automobile 2012.

Good opportunity to see beautiful cars .

Some history :

As early as 1889, horseless carriages were presented at the World fair. In 1894 the first car race Paris-Rouen was organized by the Petit Journal which created the first cycling races.

This new means of locomotion already aroused enthusiasm and passion. The aim of the Automobile Club de France, established in 1895, was to promote “motorism” and it created in 1898 the “World Show for automobiles, cycling and sports”. To avoid presenting automobiles which would only carry the name and not the qualities, it was specified that “no car will be presented at the show if it has not accomplished, beforehand and in the presence of an official authority, a ride from Paris to Versailles and back, using its own means.”
For this first edition, almost 220 exhibitors gathered on 6,000 m2!