Fête de la musique in Paris on 21 th of June 2012

Fête de la Musique at the Cité de la Musique

21 June from 2pm

Admission free

The Cité de la musique and Paris Mômes invite the public to enjoy the most melodic events of the season: the Fête de la musique for children. It is now almost a tradition, and it includes everything that made preceding years a success: concerts, stories, workshops, snacks…

Logo cité de la musique This year, the programme of events at the Cité de la musique is inspired by the India of nearly 2,000 years ago when the Ramayana, an epic with a thousand and one adventures came into existence. You can get a taste of this exotic spirit at two events: Le Ramayana, a concert in several episodes in the Salle des concerts, and Contes en musique autour du Ramayana, concert-promenade in the Musée de la musique.

In the Amphitheatre of its foyer, in the Rue musicale and at the entrance to the Cité de la musique, Paris Mômes has programmed an exciting and eclectic list of artists, and at the the Bar des concerts, there are tasty and organic sweets and fruit juices to enjoy.

Fête de la musique paris