Musée Carnavalet

the Castex Hotel recommand you to visit the beautiful museum CARNAVALET :

The romance of Paris
In a remarkable architectural (two mansions of the Marais), the novel takes place in Paris over a hundred rooms and colorful gardens where a thousand plant species thrive. Through the recreated interiors of the seventeenth to the twentieth century, the visitor can, at will, to follow the evolution of Parisian interiors, delve into the history of revolutions – the French Revolution to the Paris Commune – but also interfering with the privacy of Parisians illustrious imagine, for example, the Marquise de Sevigne, sitting at her desk lacquered Chinese writing his famous correspondence, or Marcel Proust in his room between her brass bed and small table covered with feathers, ink and notebooks …
The proximity of the works of art, the attachment that is created with different personalities intellectual, political and artistic capital, the emotion aroused by the historical scenes, are the originality of the Museum of History and give it a unique atmosphere that the City of Light through the centuries.

A museum, two hotels
The idea of ​​a museum devoted to the history of Paris imposed under the Second Empire, when much of the historic heart of the city hidden beneath the pile of demolition. In 1866, at the instigation of Baron Haussmann, the municipality carried purchaser of the Hôtel Carnavalet to house the new institution. The building, built in 1548 and rebuilt in the seventeenth century by François Mansart, was inhabited from 1677 to 1696, by Madame de Sévigné.
The museum opened its doors in 1880. Expanded several times, he has also, since 1989, Le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau nearby building built in 1688 by Pierre Bullet. Orangery, one of the last two remaining in the Marais, renovated in 2000, houses the collections prehistoric and Gallo-Roman.

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